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About Us

We provide all kind of technology solutions, support and services to help you escalate your company to the next level, automate your business model and optimize your day-to-day operations processes. We are your All-In-One solution, from custom software development to infrastructure management and IT support.

We are also passionate about building brands with cutting edge designs, as well as using digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to improve leads generation and increase revenue.

30+ Years Hands-On Experience

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What does the word "Pakihi" means?
Since we have a huge influence from the maori culture, this word comes from the maori language, and it means "Business", so the right translation would be "Business Solutions". As part of the company's culture, we like to practice the Haka dance on every anniversary of the company to celebrate our greatest achievements as a team during the last year. At Pakihi Solutions, LLC we all work as a family and share the same values and principles.

What We Do

Our Mission is to fill the gap between the business owners and technology resources. Providing IT solutions for any industry.

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Whether if you are looking to create a website for your business, a custom software to automate your daily operations processes, to improve your brand and optimize your ads campaigns, a vendor to manage and support your network infrastructure or support your team with development projects, we are what you've been looking for! Your All-in-One IT solution!

Cutting edge technology
Best team behind the wheel


The satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority and what matters the most for us.

We have a referral program where you can easily earn more than $200 USD for referring clients.

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Best Technologies and Certified Team

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Zend Certified PHP Engineer
CancanIT Certified PHP7
Cisco Certified CCNA
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert